What could be bedder? Fits standard crib. Total firm support, with all the comfort your baby can Bear.

Sorry Discontinued..

Easy as one, two, three!. Installs in 10 seconds!

$39.95 with mattress purchase.

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Un-plug your heater!...Our customer's love it!.

It really does make sense to add comfort and save money too! from $119.

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Total firm support!   The ultimate waveless water mattress! Nite. after nite. after nite...

$483.  List $981. 

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UL Listed...Heater and Thermostat. Heats any size Water Mattress.  $69.95 with  Mattress purchase. $79.95 purchase  separately

Lumbar support! Made with the best materials available! American.

$376.  List $666.

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Twelve inch fiber lumbar!...100 mil corners. attached fiber.  Lie on it. Love it. 

$398. List $852.

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Super firm surface! 3D Lap Seam construction. fewer inches of seams.

$296.  List $522.

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Eight inches beaded fiber! Features patented Super Vinyl!  The strongest  $350.  List $618.

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Half the motion of a full motion mattress. Made with the best materials found anywhere. American made! 
$218.  List $348.

Firm surface... edge to edge! Less water makes it firmer!. $249.  List $402.

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Ultra firm support! ...With 25 mil American vinyl.       
$290. List $447  

Soft top...The feel of water. without the motion.

$219.  List $337.

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Features 100 mil riveted corners, to help hold the sheets in place.

$234.  List $399

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Extra firm support!. using the latest in manufacturing technology!. $259.   List $426.

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Gentle support!... 100 mil corners and tethered fiber. 100% American! $180. list $300.

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Firm but supple support and gentle motion. Tethered fiber!fiber attached to the bottom of the mattress, to avoid shifting.  $216. List $345.

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Full Motion...  For those who like to Rock n Roll!. Or the young at heart! $149. list $168.

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Everything you need to Fill and Drain your new  Mattress. Our Complements. 

 Custom Sizes                             Sizes                               Frame Instructions


                              Water Mattress


American Made. The oldest and largest in the industry. The recognized leader's in waterbed      technology, with famous patented trouble-free features..... that others only try to copy...

Waterbed Protection. Helps keep mattress water fresh and clean. It removes gases from the water and protects vinyl, fiber and foam.10 tablets treats up to 200 gallons for 12 months.


5 pc padded vinyl rails. Sit down put your shoes on. bedder yet. take them off and enjoy. 


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2 Pc Vinyl padded side rails Enter and Exit your bed with ease! Just snap on!  $138.

Added comfort and protection! $aves heat loss.


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Drain Pump. Make's draining your waterbed a ease! 

$159. Complete with, Pump,Conditioner, Air Extractor, Vinyl Cleaner, 3'Hose, 25' Hose, Facet Adap, Hose Adap, Hose shut off valve. Free Shipping!

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3 pc padded vinyl rails.

Enter and Exit your bed with ease!

Just snap on! 


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  Discontinued Pets love them too!

Free up some space on your bed. Let your pet companion have one of their own. from $69.95

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