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Our customer's love it. The Thermoshield insulating mattress pad eliminates the use of a waterbed heater.

It could pay for itself in as little as six months from the money saved in energy cost. The anchor band cover is machine washable and non-allergenic. Warm in the winter, cool in the summer.

With today's rising energy cost, it really does makes sense to add more comfort to your water mattress and save money too!

Special Fibers  traps nature's best insulator...  air...for natural, body regulated temperature and breathability...Warm in winter, pleasantly cool in summer...Soft, Fluffy, and stays that way...

Knitted 100% Polyester Backing...Individual fibers will not shear with pressure and movement like non-knitted polyester mattress pad materials...

Anchor Band...Grips snugly- won't let cover bunch up or shift on bed...no hassel use.... Durable

Mattress Material...Beautiful, durable, and machine washable. woven to provide highest quality of mattress cover material...

Softens surface without compromising support.
Warmer in winter, cooler in summer.
Soft, down-like comfort...Feels great!
Machine washable.
Non-slip anchor bands.
12 month guaranteed.