Need a special size mattress that you can't find anywhere? That's not a waterbed or conventional size...Perhaps a R.V. size?...We can have it made to your specifications. Please allow six working days to ship. There is a extra charge for custom sizes... You will need to contact us via the Contact button on this page.

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Select from Super Single / Queen / King size wood frames and headboards in both Walnut and Honey finishes. We offer a selection of under bed storage units. All with free shipping to your location in the US 48.

Special Order

Sheets to fit all conventional, pillow top and softside mattresses up to 15 " thick. Hardside Waterbed mattresses are available with optonal Stay Tuck poles.

Choose from solid colors 200 / 300 / 400 /600 thread count or select from a selection of Cotton / Flannel / Bridal Satin and Bamboo.

New patterns available with a matching comforter and shipping to your location.

Waterbed Frames

We offer a complete line of Air Mattresses in this category, from vinyl Air Mattresses to our premium adjustable systems with dual comfort controls and Virgin Wool / Silk pillow tops.

Our R.V. customers won't leave home without theirs.


Features like double safety wall construction and a built in safety liner, add years of trouble free rest.

The air and water chamber can be adjusted separately for optimum comfort control.

Avalible is all sizes, even 8' round.

100% American made with 35% thicker vinyl then other waterbed mattresses. Each mattress is tested overnight and serial numbered to assure you of the very best construction.

You can easily sit up in bed and getting in and out is as easy as any dead bed. The mattress uses 33% less water, less weight and less water to heat.

As we grow older the hardside water mattress can become more difficult to get on and off of. The introduction of a air chamber makes it eazy. Enter and exit your bed with ease. The versatile Airframe Mattress can be used with or without a waterbed frame. Sheets stay on bedder because of the firm sitting edge.

    The selections you'll find here represent the industry's very best innovations and technology.

We feature mattresses manufactured in the USA using the very best materials found anywhere. American made!

We are proud to say, for over forty years, we have been successfully selling products from these selected companies.

Commitment to quality and service throughout the years have assured customer satisfaction, along with our commitment to offer you a bedder nite's sleep for a  bedder day tomorrow...

All of the items listed below are available and can be shipped via UPS to your location. FreeShippingin the U.S. 48.

Softside waterbeds are the Best of Both Worlds. The convenience of an innerspring with the health benefits of sleeping on water.  All sizes available. Soft Side Waterbeds need no special bedding, frames or headboards. Most need no heater and uses about 1/4 to 1/3 the water of regular waterbeds.

The Softside water mattress looks like a conventional innerspring mattress. ( dead bed )
Except for one thing, soothing water replaces metal springs. The perfect choice waterbed to
incorporate into a conventional furniture scheme. You can put a softside water mattress on a regular box spring, futon frame, platform frame or storage drawers (a flat and supportive surface).

Softside water mattresses are fully adjustable and can out last an innerspring mattress three to one! There's never a saggy spring!

Softside water mattresses are easy to get in and out of, easy to set up (in minutes) and easy on your budget.

Does your partner like a different firmness than you? You have the option of dual inner mattresses. You can each have it your own way. The perfect choice for those of us who don't want to compromise!

Hardside water mattresses are used with-in a supporting wood frame ( original waterbed design ) The first hardside waterbed mattresses were full motion ( free flow ). The old hippie rock and roll design. Today you can choose from full motion to no motion designs. Go here to view our selection of replacement mattresses, heater's and safety liner's.

Softside Waterbeds

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Hardside Water Mattress

Replacement bladders by  the  oldest and largest manufacturer's in the Waterbed industry.

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