We have experience in both retailing

and manufacturing, with many

exclusive designs of our own.

                                                            I was a young man when I first started

                                                           my business and sold my first waterbed.

We have been successfully selling

waterbeds for over four decades.

The Waterbed is now widely accepted

around the world. 

Das Bett

                    Along with the growth of the waterbed industry,

                             Odds 'N' Ends Waterbeds also grew.

The waterbed has developed into a highly refined and specialized sleeping system that reflects a conventional furniture theme rather than the hippie counterculture image it once had.

The more the bedder!

A waterbed is no longer a vinyl

waterbag placed on the floor

without a heater or frame.

It wasn't just a passing fad after all.

The waterbed was gaining credibility.

Yes!...I love this Waterbed!...

That's my final answer!

There's a water mattress

for everyone, from a soft

yielding surface to extra

firm with lumbar support.

Research has proven that when sleeping on water there are less pressure points

on your body, which means you don't have to toss and turn as much.

This allows you to sleep deeper. When you sleep deeper you need less sleep...

In the beginning, most waterbed mattresses sold, were sold to hippies. It was considered by many to be just a fad.

                                                               It was a lot of fun to splash around on a                                                                  bag filled with unjulating water..... Young                                                                people made the most of it.

The times were changing. It was a time of

peace and love. A time to be free and seek

truth and well being, become one with

the universe. The hippie movement

was united,

       after all....... we are all one.

He applied for a patent and in 1969,

formed the Innerspace corporation

to market his product.

The youth of America fell in love with them. At that time in the Bay Area, just about every hippie slept on a waterbed mattress. It was nothing like today's waterbed.

Today's consumer-oriented waterbed evolved from a 1967 graduate program design project of a San Francisco State University student named Charles Hall.

He called it the "Pleasure Pit".

Odds n Ends Waterbeds

has proudly served the Bay Area

since 1969.

According to legend,

the Greeks and Romans slept on "skins filled with water," and Ancient Persians and Egyptians conducted fertility rites on "water filled goat skins."

San Francisco Bay Area, birth place of the

modern day waterbed...

Thank you...to my daughter's for hosting our on line store...

               They started out on a crib size waterbed...

All I have to do is listen to my own body or what our customers have to say about their waterbeds.
Water is soothing,  We're born in it. We are mostly water and so is our earth.

If you are not now sleeping on water, please consider all the facts and remember that you spend 1/3 of your life in bed... Waterbeds are Bedder...

The advantages of a waterbed are many... Above all is the feeling you get when your eyes are closed...

 Sweet Dreams

   It's over forty eight years later, and I still have the same enthusiasm

       about selling waterbeds today as I did then. It's easy, because

            I believe in my product. I believe that a waterbed is the

                    most comfortable and healthy sleep there is.

Childrens Hospital Oakland Ca.


                                                          The therapeutic benefits were appealing

                                                                   to people of all walks of life.

Here a softside waterbed mattress goes

through vigorous testing.

The waterbed industry was growing

and perfecting itself.

A water mattress provides (naturally)

what other mattresses only

try to imitate.

Join The Sleep Revolution!

Haven't Slept in Days?... 

   Start Sleeping all Nite!

Our stores first waterbed mattress was just

a large vinyl bag filled with water on the floor

without a frame or safety liner.

To lay on it was groovy, like far out,

my old friend from Switzerland

would say "far awaaay".

Within a short time the waterbed became

strongly associated with the counterculture.

Worlds Oldest!
Waterbed Specialty Store
est 1969

Our History

An industry filled with revolution

and a constant search for

perfection and innovations.

A mattress designed specifically

for expecting women.

This man is crying because they

don't have  Waterbeds in this hospital.