In over 40 years of selling Waterbeds I have seen many designs come and go...... In the beginning it was an easy choice to choose your water mattress, because you had no choice! They were all full motion......

Today, you have many choices. There's a water mattress for everyone, from full motion, for those who love the feel of water, to no motion, for those who prefer something firmer, and for those in between, there's something for us too.

 Here are some designs.

(A)...Baffles... which attach the surface of the mattress to the bottom...... Yes it feels good!  Over 400 inches of extra seams were introduced into this design......

 (B)...The Coil design works in much the same way as do Baffles. This design can add up to 1700 inches of extra seams...... In theory, the seams are the weakest area and are not reparable......

(C)...When fiber is introduced into the water mattress, you will have less displacement of water.The water is slow to move because it has to weave its way threw the fiber.

With this design, you take water out to make the mattress firmer with less motion and you add water to make the mattress softer with more motion. ( When you take water out... you'll have less water compared to the ratio of fiber.which firms the mattress up resulting in less motion.When you add water. you'll have more water compared to the ratio of fiber which results in a softer mattress with more motion ).

Fiber  has excellent wet strength, good stiffness with compression recovery, excellent stability to heat and is resistant to microbial attack.

 Fiber filled water mattresses are constructed with zero extra seams which allows you to experience a more trouble free rest.

The benefits of fiber filled designs are, less water...less weight, less water to heat, less vinyl fatigue, less stretching, no violent wave action, no extra seams . With less movement it's easier to keep the bed made. Fiber filled mattresses are most always filled level or lower then the height of the supporting frame.

Remember... when filling a fiber filled mattress for the first time, the mattress comes vacuumed packed from the factory, for shipping... If you desire to adjust the mattress...wait three days.

Fiber, Foam, Coils, or Baffles?