If you’re sleeping on a hard mattress because you think it will soothe your aching back, you might want to consider a waterbed. A study published in Spine found that low back pain patients sleeping on a firm mattress reported increased pain and less sleep while patients sleeping on body-conforming foam mattresses or water beds had slightly less pain and better sleep. The authors theorized that those sleeping on the hard mattresses may have turned more frequently during the night because of increased pressure on body parts.

[SOURCE: “Wellness facts,” University of California, Berkeley Wellness Letter, August, 2008]


Dr.J.Silver, Santa Monica, California

"A harder surface that is not equally supportive of the body can put the spine into some positions that are really bizarre, and not all the beneficial, putting undue stress on ligiments and muscles which would really contribute to a backacke."

Dr. Jaylen Johnson, Fresno, California

"When lying on the back on a waterbed, the water does the job of the muscles. The only time in a person's life that the spine musculature can relax is on a flotation mattress."

Dr. D.D. Stierwalt-Kimberly Chiropractic Clinic, Davenport Iowa.
"People feel overwhelmingly better on the waterbed. It supports so much better than a standard bed, and the heat is a big factor in aiding conditions such as stiffness."

Dr. M.Boyce-Bay Harbor Hospital, Torrance, CA
"Patients who appeared to benefit most from the inclusion of the flotation mattress were those with decubitus ulcers, cancer, low back pain, and patients with orthopedic related problems..."

Millions of Americans are out of work each day because of back pain. It affects all adults and can lead to very serious problems.

A waterbed can aid in the treatment of backache by enabling the backache sufferer to sleep in a more comfortable and beneficial position.

A unique distribution of support for the body assures that all parts of the body are evenly supported, and that the body weight is equally distributed.
A waterbed removes pressure from the spine and allows relaxation of the spinal musculature.

Doctors have found that the addition of heat speeds up the relaxation process and increases circulation to rejuvenate problem areas.

America is suffering from back pain in epidemic proportions. Fifty percent of the work force will complain of back pain this year and 85% of us will suffer from back pain in our lifetimes. That's a whole lot of people! Back pain is the second leading cause of missed work days -- in fact, only the common cold causes more missed days. Sadly, we spend 90 Billion dollars trying to diagnose and treat back pain each year (a dramatic increase year after year) while the amount of people who suffer from back pain is steadily increasing not decreasing.