Aqua Elite PS $719. Purchase

Unmatched convenience and comfort with a soft-feeling air collar that acts as a frame and allows you to get on and off your waterbed with ease and to sleep all the way to the edge. 95% waveless with features like a attached safety liner, double wall construction, 1/3 less water, sitting edge, two ways to adjust.

Aqua Elite PS

note...New World's Airframe Mattresses are available in both Waterbed and Conventional sizes...

Every New World mattress benefits from technological innovations and design refinements developed during years of product research and development .

95% waveless. Motion stops in 3-4 seconds. This mattress is similar to the Aqua Elite but has additional fiber in the middle third of the mattress which gives more lift in the back area.

  • Firm supporting edge.
  • Less wave motion.
  • 1/3 less water/weight.
  • 27 mil vinyl.
  • Double wall construction.
  • Built in safety liner.
  • Keeps its shape.

Mattresses are of a round corner continuous seam construction. 27 mil PVC material. All mattresses are manufactured to fill approximately 10" deep.

note: If mattress is to be used without frame. deck should be cut 3" less. in width and length. than outside dimensions of mattress.

All mattresses are tested prior to shipping and are serial numbered.

You can sit on the mattress and put your shoes on. bedder yet. take them off.. and enjoy.