Waterbed Protection... Helps keep mattress water fresh and clean. It removes gases from the water and protects vinyl, fiber and foam.

10 tablets treats up to 200 gallons for 12 months


The Airframe water mattress is the perfect choice for those of us who want a water mattress that's easy to get in and out of and could be used with  or without a waterbed frame.

At New World, Airframes are their specialty. They are the oldest, most continually produced design in the waterbed industry. Enter and exit your bed with ease.

Make's draining your waterbed a ease $159.

Complete with, Pump,Conditioner, Air Extractor, Vinyl Cleaner, 3'Hose, 25' Hose, Facet Adap, Hose Adap, Hose shut off valve. Free Shipping! 

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Our customers love it!...With today's rising energy cost it could pay for itself in a few short months. It really does make sense to add comfort and save money too.   

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from. $119.

Waterproof mattress pad - contour fitted.


X-Tra Dry Waterproof- Ultra   Fresh Anti-Bacterial Finish

Two Layers of absorbent 100% Polyester.

Free Shipping  

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Select from three different firmnesses with all the features of the Airframe series. 27mil vinyl, firm supporting edge, 1/3 less water, adjustable firmness, double wall construction and a built in safety.

from $694.

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UL listed Heater and Thermostat...Heats any size water mattress...
$69.95 with Mattress purchase.
$79.95purchase separately

Lumbar Support... Unmatched convenience and comfort with a soft-feeling air collar that acts as a frame and allows you to get on and off your waterbed with ease.

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$690. any size $949. list

Recommended for those people who prefer an extra-firm surface. Constructed of premium American 27 mil vinyl that is 35% thicker.

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$728. any size $1060. list

One piece combination waterbed mattress, liner and air filled perimeter. Gentle motion of a waterbed with a firm sitting edge.

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$460. any size   $639  list.

Attached safety liner, double wall construction, 1/3 less water!   New World  quality is unsurpassed and 100% American!.

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$630.any size $880. list