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Prices are for mattresses only. Box foundations are not U.P.S  able. Mattresses can be used on any supportive flat surface, box spring, storage pedestal and platform frames.


Thermoshield Mattress pad. Use on any sleep surface! Warm in the winter...Cool in the summer...Our  customer's love it!.

from $119.

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Top of the line. The Posture Support Dual 3 zoned chambers...dry cleanable 4-way stretch cover... Visco foam comfort layer. reversible wool/silk top... wisper quiet state of the art digital pump.

from $1924.

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Features a zippered quilted cover and a sturdy foam frame that surrounds the inner 24 mil vinyl air mattress, a firm sitting edge.  Queen and king size have dual inner air mattresses.

from $604.

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The Phoenix Airbed features a removable pillow top and a 10" thickness.  with dual pumps, each sleeper has absolute control of their side of the bed.
from $829.
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The Egret air bed features Lustriana damask ticking and the wool top is completely removable. The 12" thickness has the widest range of adjustments available.

from $916.    

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The Dove's dual pumps give you the quickest adjusting bed available. Queen and King shipped with dual mattresses and dual automatic pumps.
from $749.

The Swan Air Mattress features a extra plush quilted Burlington Lustriana Damask cover, which has a luxurious feel in a traditionally styled 9' thick mattress.

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from $756.

First Class Air.

The addition of the outer air chamber provides a nice stable sitting edge, with two ways to adjust.

$321. any size         

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First Class Air Dual

system offers two separate sleeping chambers . You can lie down, roll over and climb out of bed and not disturb the person laying next to you.

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$374.  Q, K

Any size. An affordable sleep system that adjust to your specific needs. Available in conventional and waterbed sizes.  For every nite use.  $259. any size

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This durable polyester knit cover fits waterbed sizes which are 7' long and 9" deep or conventional sizes 7" thick.  Add comfort and protection too!  $289. any size  

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